Author John Kenel

John Kenel: Incremental Houses provide a lower entry price for home buyers

Here’s a novel idea for those looking to lower the entry price for home buyers.  I found it in Chile.  There, as in New Zealand and many other countries around the world, homes are becoming more and more expensive, and often larger and upmarket which only exacerbates the problem of how to house those on a budget.

Incrementability is about delivering houses to home buyers at an earlier stage in the development process, instead of waiting until the houses have been finished to a high standard and totally completed.

This idea enables buyers to buy a house at a much lower price and complete it themselves, when they find the time and money.

I guess it’s not much different to people buying a kitset home and erecting it with friends and family, moving in and completing it later.  The difference between a kitset and what they are doing in Chile is that the Incremental Homes are building built on a larger scale, so a lot more at once.

With the Kiwi number eight wire mentality maybe Incremental Homes would be a hit with handy home buyers.

So what do you think?  Something we should try in New Zealand?