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John Kenel

John Kenel founded Assured Property Investments in 2004, to develop property that would match his investment principals and so provide Assured Property’s clients with high performing residential investment property.

John is passionate about property, regardless of the phase of the market, or the Government’s latest tweaking of interest rates, tax rates or LVRs. He believes that only one thing will temper rapidly rising house prices, and that’s more housing supply. However, thanks to the rapidly increasing New Zealand population, building enough new homes to meet demand is becoming increasingly difficult. What this means to anyone seeking reliable cash flow and an above bank rate of investment return, is that now is the best time to buy.

His experience of building and buying investment property over the past 20 years has made it abundantly clear that investing in property is essential for creating financial security. In order to achieve his wealth generation goals, John believes an investment property must meet three key criteria:

  1. Good yields– with positive cash flows if possible
  2. Consistent income streamswith growth potential
  3. Strong prospects of capital gain– location driven
John Kenel