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“John gave fantastic advice, and did some things in the background. His knowledge around the investment property was really good, and he was great.”

Steve W.

“The easiness of everything. Took a lot of the guesswork away. At the end of the day – do I have to mow the lawns? Who fixes this?  So many questions with buying. This takes it away.”

Steven S.

“I’m not worried. The system is working. If it stops working – I’ll kick up a fuss! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It is that easy.”

– Tim B.

“I found the company good to deal with, they were no hassle, and it was a relatively easy, straight-forward situation.”

– Alan F.

“Once the house was built – all I had to do was get tenants in. I didn’t have to do anything.”

– Steve W.

“Assured feels like a responsible company.They were responsive and professional. We’d definitely use Assured Property again.”

– Rebecca P.

“Assured Property – I can’t fault them. Everything is made so easy. I’ve got nothing bad to say about them!”

– Tim B.

“It was easy. I keep busy – so this was easy for someone else to do it. It was a nice lazy way to do it. We’ve had an excellent experience with them.”

– Steve W.

“It was awesome how simple it was!”

– Donna O.

“Their build process is really good – I don’t have any issue with the quality or standard of the build. They were professional, knowledgeable – answered the questions and queries.”

– Alan F.

“They told us to come and have a look. That was it. I almost signed up on the spot…15 years of saying “No” – I could have been a multi-millionaire.!”

– Tim B

“This one had a higher rental yield for the type of property. That appealed to me. We liked the idea that it would pay for itself – we wouldn’t have to pay for topping up the mortgage.

– Craig S.

“We were looking for cash-flow. We were wanting to invest in property – moderate medium term – wanted cash-flow in the interim, as well as a long-term investment.”

– Rebecca P.

“The formula is excellent! It’s very investor focused. Overall – a fantastic experience.”

– Steven S

“The biggest positive experience is the quality that the property is in when it is finished. The fixtures were good quality. The house was finished in a really good state.”

– Donna O.

“The experience for doing it for investors was something I was really interested in – they were specialised.”

– Steve W.

“You really gave us a ‘feel’ for your product, company and integrity.”

– Maria Treadaway and Fiona Dalton

Please tell us what you liked most about our service: “The personal approach and making me feel comfortable in dealing with what for me was a big deal.”

– Fred Overmars

“We liked the great communication and that you were happy to answer all the questions we had during the process. We actually liked it so much we purchased another investment property. We have also passed your details on to some friends who may contact you with respect to purchasing another investment property!”

– Steve and Nicky

“We felt you were very customer focused and liked that you were approachable and willing to answer all our questions. You made buying our first investment property easy.”

– Hamish and Michelle Papple, Hamilton

It was easy to see progress due to site photos online. This made it easy to feel comfortable as first timers buying from plans.

– Shane and Peter

“We really appreciated you taking the time on a Saturday morning to take Rebecca and I around your other developments. We liked the ‘hands on’ approach you took and how you explained where your materials came from and who installed them. Everything was well organized and packaged for the property e.g. body corporate management, rental management etc. and there was also no pressure or hard sell – with your friendly service and updates it felt like a good mutual working relationship. Being first timers, we were unclear about how the body corporate works and what they manage and pay for on our behalf. It’s not a major and I believe it is the best way to go for these developments. Perhaps I should have asked more questions when we touched on it.“

– Hayden and Rebecca Sentch, Auckland

“Thanks Hayden and Rebecca, we have now updated our investor documentation on how a body corporate works to ensure all our new clients are clear.”

– John Kenel, CEO

“Your responses were always quick and friendly – as a first time investor, the clear communication has been excellent.”

– Janelle and Andrew Brooks, Auckland

“I liked that you were simple and easy to deal with and everything was straightforward. I also appreciated the good support from your staff..”

– Femi Olubode, Hamilton

“This was our first investment and it all seemed to run smoothly and hassle free. As we were too far away to make regular trips to see how the property was progressing, emails to keeping us up to date with progress on the property would have been good.”

– Mark and Karen Chisnall, Whangarei

“Thanks Mark and Karen, we now have a website login where buyers can access the latest progress photos, see a live project calendar and find any relevant documents and/or updates.”

– John Kenel, CEO