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We have been asked by several of our clients to explain in more detail what the benefit Assured Property’s Master Builder accreditation has for them. Here’s what we have come up with…

First of all, the very fact that we have applied for and been awarded New Zealand Master Builders Federation membership sets Assured Property apart from other companies involved in the building of residential investment property. Being a New Zealand Registered Master Builder means that Assured Property meets all the criteria set out by the Master Builders Federation to become one of New Zealand’s premier building and construction companies.

The benefit to you is that you can proceed with purchasing in confidence knowing that you are investing in a high quality product, built by a mature company in business for the long term. A Registered Master Builder must have a fully inspected and approved standard of workmanship with considerable building experience, professional qualifications and practical management experience, along with a proven ability to run a financially viable business. They must also keep up to date with new construction methods, consistently showing attention to quality and detail. Perhaps the major benefit to you is the Master Build Guarantee on New Homes. This guarantee covers a period of 10 years.

If for any reason Assured Property is unable to complete the project, Master Build Services Ltd will find another Registered Master Builder to do so. If construction issues arise after completion and Assured Property is not able to resolve them, Master Builders Federation will step in to put things right. When the Master Builder Federation receives notification of a signed agreement with Assured Property, you will automatically get a 10 year Standard Master Build Guarantee. In essence the Master Build Guarantee is about risk reduction and peace of mind. Simply put, why would you buy a non-Master Builder investment property when you could buy from Assured Property. Contact us if you would like any further information about Master Builders or the Master Build Guarantees or visit the Master Builders website.