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Assured Property Investments was founded by John Kenel 14 years ago, to develop investment property that would follow his investment principals and provide Assured Property’s clients with high performing investment property.

John is passionate about property, regardless of the phase of the market, or the Government’s latest tweaking of interest rates, tax rates or LVRs.  His experience of building and buying investment property over the past 19 years has made it abundantly clear that investing in property is essential for creating financial security.

In order to achieve his wealth generation goals, John believes an investment property must meet three key criteria:

  1. High yields – with positive cash flows if possible
  2. Consistent income streams with growth potential
  3. Strong prospects of capital gain – location driven

Over the years we have developed hundreds of investment property income streams in Hamilton City that meet our investment criteria.  They have all been constructed by our own building company, Assured Construction Ltd – a registered Master Builder.

When investing in property, it is crucial to invest in growth markets, those that are likely to experience increased demand for property, both for purchase and for rent.

This will lead to the rise in capital value and also rents, particularly if the property is well managed. This is why we focus on Hamilton, a city on the brink of explosive growth.

Why Hamilton

Hamilton is New Zealand’s fourth largest city and the third fastest growing city after Auckland and Pukekohe. According to Statistics NZ the Census night population count of Hamilton City residents in 2013 was 143,718 – an increase of 25,617 people from the 2001 Census. They predict that the city will grow to 162,000 by 2017 and 175,000 by 2022.

Hamilton is located in the heart of the Waikato, one of New Zealand’s richest regions, responsible for 20% of the country’s total exports. Agriculture, biotechnology, light aviation, transport logistics, science research, education and healthcare lead the Hamilton economy, providing diverse employment opportunities in the city.

According to QV, the average house price in Hamilton in July 2015 was $381,000 compared to the Auckland area average of $840,000. The Auckland market is already well into an increase in property prices this cycle whilst Hamilton’s is only just beginning, which makes this the perfect time to be buying an investment property in Hamilton.